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The Secrets Of Aloe Vera

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Sittingbourne, Kent, United Kingdom
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The mystery of Cleopatra's beauty may, indeed, have been a secret. It is said that she secretly used Aloe Vera Gel as an additive in her beauty baths, and in making dyes for her hair and lips. Secret or not, Cleopatra's use of the healing plant is one of the first records of Aloe Vera Gel incorporation into cosmetics. And what that means is that the magic of natural Aloe Vera was known at least as early as 69 B.C.! In fact, papyrus scrolls written 3500 years ago describe the Aloe and its medicinal virtues. At the height of the Egyptian Empire, subjects could attend the elaborate funeral of a Pharaoh by invitation only. An individual's wealth - and esteem in which he help his Pharaoh was measured by the amount of Aloe he brought as a gift to the funeral. Aloe Gel was used in embalming procedures 

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