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E-book available in UK and USA

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Leigham Vale 21 Leigham Vale, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Post Code: SW16 2JH
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Corn Proof web products is one of the leading e-book publisher in UK and USA.There are various types of e-book available.Many students are impress on our services.


Recently we published our three books:-


1.Govt Auction Handbook :-

Everyone loves a bargain and this no nonsense guide gives names, venues, telephone numbers, days, times and much more.

Peter Parfait writes in an easy-to-follow and entertaining style, which is packed with useful pointers, such as how to conduct oneself on auction day - so that even greater rewards can be achieved.

Tips on how to identify good and bad buys are also included together with valuable notes relating to the numerous different types of auction which are present - and clues as to just how to find them.

More detail:-


2.Golf Beginner:-

Golf is popular in UK or USA.There are so many rules and steps.But the beginner have no such idea how it play and what is the rules.

Carn Proof Web products is now launched for golf beginner.There are easy way to maintained the steps and rules.After launching this e-book and receive so many good response.


More detail:-


3.Quick Weight Loss:-

Take a positive forward step with an easy step by step guide to weight control


 Identify: -  the major weight gain culprits

            &nbs p;  -    important early steps to planning weight loss

               -    four considerations when setting weight loss goals

            &nbs p;  -    facts and fallacies about weight loss

            &nbs p;  -    how to track daily calorie intake

            &nbs p;  -    how to work with your metabolism

            &nbs p;  -    the importance of drinking fresh water

            &nbs p;  -    exercises for quick slimming


More detail:-


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