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Blazing Skull Sound Activated T-shirt - free shipping

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Full Name
Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Post Code: LE9 6PH
Contact Phone :01163183888
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Price:£ 12.99
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Warning: Dangerously cool individual at large! Caution: Hazardous fun could occur at any moment! This innovative Flashwear EL T-shirt will make sure you stand out from the crowd at pubs, clubs, parties, barbecues, gigs, festivals !!!
Stunning EL t-Shirt with light-up equalizer panel in funky clubbing colours. We have hundreds of designs on our website - or design your own.
The EMIC Raver T-Shirts features state-of-the-art lighting technology that'll make you stand out from the crowd on the dancefloor or look sublime propping up the bar.
This latest t-shirt in the stunning EMIC EL range is a frequency-sensitive, illuminating t-shirt with a stylish graphic equalizer panel that flashes in time with the beat of the music - with no bulky bulbs or LEDs involved.
The EMIC Raver T-Shirts has a small power unit with a built-in sound sensor that attaches to the electroluminescent (EL) panel and tucks away in a pocket sewn into the hem of the shirt.
Sound frequencies from music (or other noises) are cleverly converted into bars of light on the EL panel, expertly imitating the graphic equalizer on home stereo systems.
The EMIC Raver's T-Shirts new battery pack boasts a wide spectrum sound sensitivity sensor that can be adjusted to detect low level sounds or modified to work in noisy head-banging conditions.
It takes 4 x AAA batteries to power it up and get the panel pumping.
After a hectic night on the town, it's easy to detach the battery pack and give the t-shirt a wash (by hand to protect the high-tech bits). The EL panel is durable enough to cope with a bit of gentle scrubbing.
It's 100% cotton (excluding the high-tech bits, obviously) and comes in Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. See below for size info and current availability.
EMIC Raver T-Shirt is perfect for gigs, raves, parties, music festivals, clubbing or just jumping about to your favourite tunes at home.
Take clubbing to the next level and WEAR the music!
Light-up flashing equaliser t-shirt
Innovative sound-sensing, wearable EL lighting technology
Adjustable wide-spectrum sound sensor
Small, lightweight and fully detachable battery pack
Vibrant clubbing colors
100% cotton fabric for cool comfort
CE and ROHS compliant for safety and quality
Dimensions (pakaged) (H x W x D)
16cm x 21.5cm x 4cm
Powered by...
4 x AAA batteries (not included but available below)
T-Shirt Sizes
Small - 36-38" (91-97cm) chest
Medium - 39-41" (99-104cm) chest
Large - 42-44" (107-112cm) chest
Extra-Large - 45-47" (114-119cm) chest
Don't over-bend or fold the EL panel
Remove battery pack before washing
Carefully hand wash only
Do not submerge EL panel
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron over plastics
Ensure thoroughly dry before reuse
Avoid pulling connection cables when putting on / removing Tshirt
Read Instructions before use
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