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Use Our Free Car Ads to Sell Your Car!

No longer do you have to spend a small fortune advertising your car in one of the used car magazines or running a local newspaper ad; nor do you have to leave your car sitting on the road or in used car garage for months on end with a "For Sale" sign on it.

Right here you can take the first steps to selling your car or your car accessories by writing an effective, punchy ad that lets our readers know why they need the car you’re selling and you can show them a picture to prove it! And it will cost you nothing to post it as all of our free car ads are, well, 100% free!

Pretend for a moment that we're a used car garage … well, we're on the "high street", in a prime location. The Selling Arena site is found by used car hunters because we have invested the time to optimize it so that people searching through Google, Yahoo and Bing for "used car ads" or similar will find our site and SEE your ad. That means you have great exposure and a great chance of selling it through our free car ads.

So – all you need to do is write a great ad that makes them choose your car over the others. Here are some tips on how to create a great ad for a used car or car accessories:

Take Good Photos to Post with Your Free Car Ads

Whether you’re selling a car or car accessories like a CD player, you need quality photos that present your product in its best light. If you don't have the "photographic eye" then ask someone in your circle of friends or relatives to help you take plenty of shots from which you can choose the best to post alongside your ad.

Include All the Relevant Info that Car Hunters Are Looking For

The space that you have available may restrict the length of your ad on a free listing, but make sure you include as much of the "good stuff" about your car as possible – year, make, model and mileage for starters, alongside service record and any special features. Don’t forget to include the asking price and first take time to consider and research what this should be.

Non-Standard Features

Don’t forget to include in your ad any information that highlights a particular feature of your car that is very saleable, perhaps a non-standard feature. This may be a comment on such things as specialty tires and wheels, stereo/speakers, heated seats, mileage per gallon, passenger room or how well the car drives from your experience.

Check Other Free Car Ads

Search through the top used car sites and see how they do it! They're probably doing most of the right things in their car listings, so you can emulate some of the features you find on those sites and include them in your ad.

Contact Info

Make sure you provide a way to contact you for anyone interested in your car. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t include an email address or phone number in their free car ads!

What Next?

Once you've got your ad together, take advantage of our free car ads service and post it right here! You can bet that it will be read by our visitors.
In order to take advantage of our free service just register with the site (that is also free) and then get down to the business of posting your ads here.

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