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Creating Your First “Flats For Rent” Advert

Whether you have a room, an apartment or flat for rent, commercial premises for lease or you’re trying to sell a house, the online world presents many more opportunities than merely passing it into an agent's hands to look after, as in days gone by. There are some great resources you can use to manage things privately and there are some trusted methods that you can go about to give yourself a better chance of success in that venture.

Nowadays rather than getting an agent to write an ad for your flats for rent you can do it yourself. You have the information, so providing you have a digital camera and access to a computer you can create a professional looking ad that really sells your property. Here are a few tips on what to do.

Take Good Photos to Post with Your Ad

Whether you’re renting or selling you need quality photos that present your property in its best light. If you don't have the "photographic eye" then ask someone in your circle of friends or relatives to help you take plenty of shots from which you can choose the best.

Include All the Relevant Info that Property Hunters Are Looking For

The space that you have available on your advertising site may restrict the length of your ad, especially if it's a free listing, but make sure you include as much of the "good stuff" about your house or flats for rent as possible – especially location, number of rooms, special features like balconies in apartments or terraces and gardens in houses, sale or rental price etc.

Include a Map

A map is a great inclusion for letting viewers know not only the address of the flats for rent, but what the surrounding area is like – are there plenty of amenities and transport? Is there parkland and greenery around the area? Google Maps can make including a map very easy nowadays.

Contact Info

Make sure you provide a way to contact you for anyone interested in your flats for rent. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t include an email address or phone number!

Check Other Property Ads

Search through the top online property sites and see how they do it! They're probably doing most of the right things in their property listings, so you can emulate some of the features you find on those sites and include them in your ad.

Flats For Rent Videos?

Video is becoming more and more widespread as a means of selling and renting properties. It "sells" the property better and holds people's attention better than text and pictures, so if you get a chance to use it then use it! It can set your flats for rent apart from the rest.

Post it Where it Will be Seen

If you're taking the time (and maybe forking out the expense) to get a property ad made and listed then make sure it is going to be seen! You wouldn’t post a ‘flats for rent’ ad in the middle of a desert and expect anyone to see it so make sure you’re not doing than online and make sure the sites you choose for your listings are well-optimized, high traffic and high-interest sites.

Free Property Ads

Use as many of the free property ads sites as you can but concentrate on the best ones – you’re on one of them now!

Take advantage of our free ads service to create a high impact property ad and post it for free right here! You can bet that it will be read by our visitors.

In order to take advantage of our free service just register with the site (that is also free) and then get down to the business of posting your flats for rent ads here.

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