Latest News: You can now upload VIDEO

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Latest News: You can now upload VIDEO

New postby uche_n2a » Tue May 28, 2013 6:57 pm

Hello All

We at Selling Arena are happy to inform you that upload VIDEO for both your Adverts & in your Forum contributions is now available. :)

Video upload has been restricted to 10MB.
All VIDEO uploaded will be reviewed before being approved by the administrator ( for the forums) and by the Ad inspectors (for the adverts). Only approved video will go live.

Please be informed that offensive video materials: pornographic, racists and any other videos/ any other materials in violation of our operational policy will not tolerated nor allowed and definitely will be removed and where payments have been made while posting any/ all of these materials, there will be no refund made.

Enjoy, play safe & nice, be reasonable and take others into consideration as you upload videos. :roll:

The Selling Arena Team (TSAT).
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