SEO strategies based on common sense

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SEO strategies based on common sense

New postby uche_n2a » Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:04 am

Posted on March 30th, 2010

What a great feeling to see your website on Google’s or Yahoo’s first page for the keyword phrase of your niche. It is simply incredible! And more- it’s achievable! Simply read on to find out how you can do this as well….

All the search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo use their own algorithms and methods to calculate the relevance of your keywords, content and pages. But there are a few common factors that are accepted by most of them to guarantee good rankings in renowned search engines.

If you want to see your traffic start flowing then start the process today. Resubmit your changes every time you are done.

Density of your Keywords:

Its most effective if you could achieve a 3.5% to 7% keyword density for each of your pages. This means, your keywords should get repeated 3 to 7 times per 100 words written. However, do NOT overuse your keywords on the same page. Related keywords or long tails (a 3 to 5 word phrase) may help further. Find all related synonym keywords and use them to avoid overuse. Use only the keywords that are relevant with your business. There was a time when random usage of keywords was accepted by major search engines. This led to utter chaos and visitors hardly ever got to find what they were looking for. This was brought to the notice of search engine webmasters and they changed the rules overnight. Today, it is considered spam and the offender is punishable by law.

Use Keyword Phrases instead of single Keywords:

Competition for single keyword is enormous and it’s almost impossible to get a high ranking for it. So make sure you aim for some lower-demand keywords or keyword phrases (long-tails). The keywords “insurance” has 161 million searches a month. However, a key phrase like “insurance prices” shows just 60k searches. It’s still high number but far more less than the single keyword. Getting a number one rank for insurance would of course be incredible but having a good ranking in lower demand keywords or phrases means more targeted traffic to your business.

Content has to be Original:

Google can penalize websites that offer exactly the same content, and this can result in lower ranking for all sites. In extreme situations, the website may be written off from the search engine forever. How many times have you seen multiple sites meant to promote the same old resale rights product? All of them display the same old sales page. The cleverest thing for you to do would be to simply rewrite the sales letter and submit that page to the search engines. This is vitally important SEO tip. Make sure you put in connected words and phrases; not simply the targeted keywords. Originality always sells. And it sells more than any other strategy ever used. Never ever copy one to one. You have to stay out of the gray crowd.

Right Linking:

How many times have you seen “click here to visit” on a website? Use proper text for your links. Simply changing the link text will push your page to rank higher in all the search engines. You may also select connected phrases as link text. An interesting text link raises the visitors curiosity and increases the value expectation of the product. Make your link look more like title and try to grab attention with it.

Keywords and Phrases repetition:

Make sure your key phrases and keywords that you select appear multiple times in every one of your paragraphs and the entire content as a whole. Remember to put in connected phrases and keywords to help give a boost to your SEO. But again, don’t overuse them as you might be penalized. Use them naturally in your content.

Keep yourself up to date:

Update yourself by visiting SEO news sites to stay in tune with the latest trends. The engines keep on shuffling their formulas and strategies. Follow the latest news, join forums and read blogs. Find the latest strategies and apply them.

Alt Tags:

Just by adding keywords or key phrases to the alt tags on your images or pictures you can boost your websites page rank. This is one of the simplest steps.

Never stop researching the latest trends of SEO and apply them. This will bring your website right to the top of the search engines. Its your business to know and apply the latest techniques.

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Re: SEO strategies based on common sense

New postby reinblend » Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:51 am

You are right sensibility is much needed and it would be proved as better SEO strategy. I think if you wants perfect results rely on quality and unique content. Don't be non-sense with uses of duplicate content. Keyword density is also good strategy.
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