Introducing First Writing Service In Selling Arena

What can be better than a man with a fat wallet. Do you want to know how he got there and how he did it? This is for money and product market matters for personal businesses and trade organisations.

Introducing First Writing Service In Selling Arena

New postby onlinesolutions » Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:07 pm

Thanks for taking your time out and reading my service details. Before we move on, let me take you through what is in store for you. Recently, I have come across hoards of wannabe writers, looking to make some money by doing menial writing gigs- I am certainly NOT one of them. What I offer is a unique mix of quality and service- something that is popularly known as ‘value’.
Yes, I market my services solely on the kind of value addition my content would provide to your site/posts/press releases/e-book. I have been providing online writing services for more than 3 years now- and therefore; know the ins and outs of this business.
I am comfortable with a wide range of subjects.I like to work with deadline and deliver high quality articles.Hope to hear from you soon.

----- I believe in quality not quantity -----

Rate for 500 words articles.

$45 for 10 articles. Delivery time: 2 days
$100 for 25 articles. Delivery time: 3 days
$350 for 100 articles. Delivery time: 10 days
$600 for 200 articles. Delivery time: 17 days

Please check the links below for my published articles--- ... tches.html ... homeopathy ... pport.aspx
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