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Being An Easy Room Mate has its own Merits

Posted by Admin on :Sunday, 31st of March 2013 04:05:25 PM
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A room mate could either turn out to be the best friend you've always wanted or the worse enemy you've ever encountered. The first one would almost be certain if you make it a point to be easy on your room mate as much as possible.

People will always have differences and that undeniable truth should always be the foundation of a successful and memorable room share. Quite often, this differences become the instigators of misunderstandings that tend to undermine he relationship between room sharers.

Personal attitude, ability to compromise, and flexibility are but some of the components which gravely influence how people approach individual differences. In a room share, it is important that these traits are harnessed for the mutual benefit of the room sharers.

Even in books and movies, a room mate plays a very special role in someone's life. They serve as absorbers of the other's frustrations and recipients of their depressing life stories. In other words, each becomes an instant confidant to the other.

As time goes by, the extraordinary bond that sprung out from what was once  a simple room share has grown into something more remarkable. This is of course possible when room mates know exactly how to handle the relationship. The secrets are quite simple.

1)     Mutual respect - Give respect where it is due specially on matters of privacy, preference, and personal belongings.

2)     Talk when necessary and listen when required – Communication should always be open. A good room mate should not be allowed the monopoly of speech. Sometimes, the other room mate needs someone to talk to. Be that someone. Listen and give good advice if you can.

3)     Give and take – Room share should not be a one way traffic. Learn to be flexible and yield to your room mate's reasonable requests even if you think otherwise as long as it does not harm you in anyway. Most of the time, this would be complemented.

At the end of the day, being an easyroommate is a thing you will never come to regret. No matter what a person's attitude is, there is always room for change. Respect always be-gets respect.

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