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Dogg Scooters

Posted by Admin on :Tuesday, 9th of April 2013 11:22:53 AM
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Do you wonder what “Dogg Scooter” is?  What’s the scoop on these scooters?

How big is the phenomenon?  Where did it begin?


In 2009, Jon [JonDogg] Carter was frustrated by the lack of decent parts for his scooter in England.  He was tired of importing parts from Australia, Europe, or the U.S.  So he began to collect used scooter parts and was soon doing a brisk business selling these parts to his buddies and fellow riders.  His older brother, Darren, suggested that he begin his own website and sell these parts to a bigger customer base.  This while he was all of 16 years old!

Naming the company was easy, as Jon already had a large following from his posts on the “Scooter Resource” blog site.  There his handle was “JonDogg”, so his company became “Dogg Scooters.”  His brother Darren designed the logo seen on the website and on all of their products.


Since there weren’t any British manufacturers of the parts, the search for scooter parts involved importing brakes, wheels, and branded parts from Razor, Grit, and other companies in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

The company has since become one of the largest suppliers of scooter parts and custom and standard scooters in the world.  They have included other brands of scooters, such as Razor, Grit, Atom, OzBozz, and Madd, as well as offering several options on parts such as decks, wheels, forks, grips, brakes, and bearings.  Maintaining excellent customer service is one of the mainstays of the company: “Being the original shop carries a responsibility that we see as an opportunity… to ensure the sport progresses in a direction that we will always admire.

The company also started its own brand for the parts that are manufactured for the company -- “Swish”.  The company arranged for a local metal fabricator to make one-piece handlbars for them since there weren’t any available in England, which was the first product in the “Swish” line of parts.  The brand has expanded beyond that first one-piece handlebar to a complete line of scooter parts. In an effort to remain current, the company has begun to offer dirt scooters designed by professional rider John Radtke and those designed under its own logo, Origin Dirt Scooters, to customers.

Current Events

Most of the company members are active in the sport as well as working at the company.  They support and participate in freestyle scooter competitions throughout England, and coordinate with visiting riding teams, such as Team Madd Gear and the Razor teams.

The company supports an on-line forum for freestyle scooters, Hang5, so the scooter community in the UK would have someplace to discuss matters of importance to the sport and various activities with fellow aficionados.  At the current time, the forum gets over 3000 visitors a month.

The company website, Dogg scooters, contains the latest videos of freestyle scooters as well as the well-stocked parts and accessories warehouse.  For anyone who wants to join the society of freestyle scooters, the DoggScooter is a good and reasonably priced place to start.

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