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3 Essential Spring Cleaning Tasks- Without Harming the Environment!

Posted by Admin on :Tuesday, 9th of April 2013 11:52:38 AM
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Spring is near and it’s often difficult to enjoy waking up each morning to fresh flowers and sunshine with clutter and disorganization taking up every inch of living space. Good Housekeeping is one of the most resourceful spring cleaning experts. Spring season is the perfect time to let go of old, dirty, and damaged belongings and make a fresh start for warmer days.

Spring is also an excellent time to enjoy nature and the outdoors. As Good Housekeeping advises, many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment, so instead, opt for eco-friendly products. Spring cleaning is a topic often expressed in Good Housekeeping magazine around this time of year and it’s no surprise many are questioning “where do I even begin?” Here are 3 easy and necessary ways for spring cleaning while avoiding dangerous chemicals:

        1.   Start in the kitchen. Sometimes the greasiest and dirtiest areas of homes are the kitchens because oil, grease, and food have been occupying the space. Begin with the oven, as slime and sludge often hides on the bottom of the oven when grease from food drips to the bottom. Simple ingredients, such as vinegar and lemon oil are great natural sources for fighting those dirty areas. Baking soda and warm water are excellent for taking care of dirty microwaves and refrigerators. Good Housekeeping suggests using powdered lemon for cleaning dish washers. 

        2.    Stains and messes. Carpets and floors are easily stained; however, they aren’t that difficult to remove either. Good Housekeeping even claims that many people with tough stains turn to harmful chemicals to get rid of carpet stains, but there are actually natural products that can make stains disappear. Try baking soda; its natural approach will take away stains and spots in seconds. It also is a miracle odor eliminator for rugs, drapery, and carpets. Or, Good Housekeeping also suggests using ammonia mixed with water.

        3.    Bathroom filth. Whether it’s smelly toilets or clogged sinks you’re worried about conquering on your quest to accomplish a successful spring cleaning process, a natural approach can certainly take care of it. Good Housekeeping suggests removing those dirty white rings on the insides of toilet by using white non-gel toothpaste and baking soda.

While this doesn’t cover every area of the home, it does take care of some of the most important tasks, such as removing dirt, stains, and odors. Once that is accomplished, things such as organizing, ridding of old items, and clearing out space can be the primary focus and Good Housekeeping has tons of advice on proper organization. Excellent household subscription sources, such as Good Housekeeping, even claims that homemade cleaners are just as good for fighting stains and odors as those dangerous chemicals.

Those who are loyal Good Housekeeping readers might already know how spring cleaning can have an effect on the home and environment. Glass cleaners, scrubbing products, grease cleansers; odor deodorizers, stain removers, white ring removers, dishwasher stain removers, and all-purpose cleansers can all be made from ingredients easily found in the home or local grocery store and are often recommended by Good Housekeeping because of their strength and safety for the environment as well as the home and air. Spring cleaning can be fun when you know you’ve accomplished the process while avoiding harsh chemicals.

As Good Housekeeping has many tips on spring cleaning, perhaps the most important one is being eco-friendly while doing so. After spring cleaning with all the right ingredients, you’ll be ready to breathe fresh spring air in a nice, organized, clean home!

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