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The Truth behind Reality TV & What Happens AFTER the Show Ends

Posted by Admin on :Tuesday, 9th of April 2013 11:55:02 AM
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Today, careers are becoming harder to come by and stick with. As the economy continues to decline and people continue scattering to find a career path they can both enjoy and make a nice living while doing so, it can definitely be challenging to actually find that. However, there are some other viable options, such as a reality TV show. This may sound like a joke, but many people decide to give up their professionalism and opt for trying out for reality TV. Reality TV shows have been around for a long time, making contestants embarrassed and humiliated while making audiences at home hysterical for the drama that persists.

While these programs might be entertaining to watch from home, are there actually any serious benefits contestants reap from participating in a live competition? Many reality television shows offer a sum of money to contestants who win. Popular reality shows, including The Biggest Loser, American Idol, the X Factor, and The Apprentice all offer rewarding prizes. Whether it’s a record deal, a bunch of money, or a new and exciting career, it’s worth it to a lot of people to withstand the tough image of being on reality TV to gain a new importance in life.

One reality television show that differs from the others is The Apprentice. The Apprentice isn’t a dance or singing competition, and certainly not a weight loss competition, rather it’s a competition for a career. It’s understandable why people would want to join a show that offers a beneficial career for the ultimate prize, but what really happens to those people who win on The Apprentice once it’s all over?

The Apprentice has a U.S. and U.K. series and may be the most professional reality television show on air, and is led by Donald Trump (U.S. edition). Basically, how The Apprentice works is that after thousands of people apply to become contestants, a final 75 lucky people with huge personalities are chosen to appear on the show. Since The Apprentice is filmed months before its actually aired, they must leave their family, job, and home to be on television, keep the secret that they’re on a reality television show. All with hopes of gaining a nice career in the end, contestants of The Apprentice compete and only make a small portion of money while on air.

How does it work? And what happens to the winners of the Apprentice following the end of the show?

The Apprentice takes those 75 people down to eighteen people, and the contestants compete and are slowly eliminated. The winner wins a spot in Donald Trump’s organization, most likely earning a comfortable living. Contestants are given different tasks to uncover the best contestant for the position.

Where are they now?

Surprisingly, the winners of the U.S. Apprentice seasons are consistently successful in their careers. Many oversee internet projects, online websites, or even gain their own television show based on their own interests. A couple of past winners of The Apprentice can be seen on E! and HGTV with their debuted shows.

While many reality television shows are fakes, some do offer people a chance at achieving a nice career they have always dreamed of. The ones who do not win may face trouble gaining a successful career given their appearance on a reality show and all it involves, however those who win often really do reap much success and happiness.


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