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Finding My Perfect Roommate

Posted by Admin on :Thursday, 11th of April 2013 07:21:17 AM
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In times of economic downturn, the occurrence of house-share and room-share has taking a rather speedy upward climb. This upward surge on this type of property rental also triggered adverts for such to be commonly seen online and offline (newspapers & magazines). It isn’t that easy to find good housemate to share a house and bills. However, finding reliable and friendly roommate can be a daunting but achievable task as a lot of time and other considerations are involved.  

Quite often, horrifying story of roommates making someone’s life hells are heard. Disaster roommates can make your day(s) as eternally painful, sometimes we hear of unacceptable behavior among roommates such as; the odd no-news of refusal to pay his or her share of the agreed bills, receiving visitors during odd periods or trashing the shared room/ house.  Such roommates can make a hole in your pocket and traumatize your life.

So how can you avoid these unwanted problems?

Where can I find easy hassle-free roommate

The thought of finding an easy room mate, sharing bills and go your own separate ways can be made simpler. However simple we can make it; always remember it is not as straight-forward and easy as anyone can think. To start off finding a Right, Reliable, Understanding and friendly roommate could be done with the below few suggestion:

  • Your friend or cousin: If you can find someone you already know who you enjoy their company and vice versa, then you have crossed one major hurdle already. As you already know the habits and personality of your friend/cousin and they know yours.
  • Let your friends, family members and collogue know that you are looking for a roommate. This might make your roommate finding process easy.
  • Advertisement in a newspaper or Internet can be difficult but helpful. You can also find someone through word of mouth. But it’s important to understand background of any suggested person before making any decision.  
  • Bulletin board in the office or college, to see if someone else is looking for roommate.
  • Community hall is another place where you might be able to find roommate.

Things you need to consider when looking for roommate

Making a checklist for the criteria of acceptable and unacceptable characteristic in a roommate is a very good starting point. Be honest and upfront about it also knowing where to make behavioral concessions as you are not perfect yourself. Stick to it when you look for roommate and that will reduce the chances of future problems.

Few of the ideas given below can assist you in setting desired criterias:

  • Gander: your comfort level with male or female roommate
  • Age: You might be more confortable with someone who is your age mate.
  • Habits: Smoking, drinking or other addiction and your preference.
  • Pet: your preference on living with a pet
  • Food habit: if you have special requirement for food than someone else. This might create trouble while sharing fridge and food .
  • Finance: Does sharing a room means sharing bills and food expenses as well? You may require either or both. 
  • Your tolerancefor other things and behavior that is important to you.

Sharing important information with your potential roommate.

It may well be as important to let your potential roommate know how you regard information as your habits that he/she might need considering. Here are some of the ideas and points that you might like to share with your potential roommate.

  • Background: where you grew up and your current lifestyle.
  • Your likes and dislikes, specially like music, films or cooking
  • You job and where you work
  • Reason for looking for roommate
  • What kind of accommodation you are planning to share
  • Medical issues that you think your would be roommate need to be aware of eg. Allergies of food or migraines.
  • Your relationship status. It is important to let your roommate know if your partner visits you regularly.
  • It is important to discuss about bills sharing and food sharing before hand to avoid any discrepancy and trouble.
  • Let your potential roommate know the amenities that come with the place you want to share with the would-be roommate.

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