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Most useful car accessories

Posted by Admin on :Monday, 15th of April 2013 08:37:05 AM
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Every one wants their car to look different than the rest. Drivers are facinated about the accessories that make their car stand out from the various many on the road. Different auto accessories with one or various other purposes surely grab both drivers and passengers’ attention when the car is being used. The most stricking ones are easy-to-use and practical car tools/gadgets that make the journey hassle free and comfortable.

Most useful accessories for happy journey

        1. Scissor Lift:

Scissor lift can help you lift a car while working on the  suspension, brakes or body. You need this in your car at all the time, and be sure it can come in handy in times of emergency flat tire change.

        2. Sattelite Navigation system (Often called Sat Nav).

Unlike in the days of map reading while driving through an unknown location route, sat navs are increasingly seen to be very safe and  handy gadgets. It also have become affordable, easily available and 99.99%-of-them require no skill training to mount them in the car nor to use them for any trip(s).

It has proved to be one of the simplest tools to get one from point A to B; boosting of high resolution graphical road maps, direction pointers (to show the driver the exact road lane and route) and voice instructions to reduce the chances of the driver missing vying off course.

Cost-wise, It is definitely cost effective especially saving one fuel from possible lost direction and warning the driver of his speed as against speed/ safety cameras (failure on the driver part will result in fines and points on his license).

Most Sat Nav available in UK have touch screen display, Street level mapping, and safety camera indication.

Some of the popular brands include: Tom tom, Garmin, Navman and RAC.

          3. Portable Battery Jump-Starter:

If your car batter runs flat, be sure you are not going anywhere and this can be nightmare if you have an important schedule to meet with.  Portable Battery Jump-Starter, comes in handy to save the day when as usual early morning flat batter, to keep your car going without disrupting your plans.

Battery jump- starter are available in various brands and with different price range. Many of them can start light vehicles battery, truck, boat or RV to get it back in service.

Advanced battery jump starter most often come with air compressors for flat tires, LED lights and even AC chargers.

         4. Surface detailing kit:

If you do not want to spend a lot pimping up your car appearance, this kit is a must have. Surface detailing kit, can help to improve the appearance of your car and even increases its resale value. The wax in the kit lift dirt and dust particle bonded to the car paintwork, such as bird droppings, road tar, tree sap and industrial fallout. Most of the kit includes: rapid detail spray, surface detailing clay bar, perfect polishing cloth, super resin polish, and a micro-fibre cloth.

          5. Compact pressure washer:

This can help you clean your car in a most easy way in less time. It can also become useful in cleaning patio, driveway, garage door and house exterior.

           6. DVD player:

This can keep everyone in the car entertained and avoid any disturbance to the driver. It helps in reducing the anxiety during travelling where the destination is quite a journey.

            7. Weather Tech Floor Mats:

This is available in various bands and costs vary. A good weather proof floor mat is important to keep you car clean.  It improves the in-car appearance and ensure no permanent marks, unpleasant smell of mud, snow and dirt from passengers’ shoes. This is your cleanliness friend.   

            8. Universal Gadget Mount:

This can help you mount all your gadget’s in your car. Gadgets that can be applied here include: mobile phones, sat nav, ipod, etc.

             9. Self-parking devices:

With his device, one is able to carry out automatically parallel parking in a limited parking space very well known in big cities. You do need to press a button, sit back and relax. This also avoids any dents or scratches during parking thereby saving you money.

            10. Safety packs to roof boxes:

If you are looking for a bit of extra space in your car, than roof box is for you. You can carry light sports gadgets, luggage while travelling with family. It has many more other benefits which include: its 100% watertight, It distribute weight on the car and put less stress on the vehicle. 

Above are few of the best rated gadgets by the drivers worldwide that can make driving whether in-city or travelling comfortable, economic and stress free.   

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