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UK's main rehoming charity for cats and kittens

Posted by Admin on :Wednesday, 1st of May 2013 09:52:43 AM
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It can be shocking to see the number of animals, not just cats and kittens, but dogs too who are born into UK homes to owners who are unable to care for them for whatever the reason.

There are many cats giving birth to kitten’s every day because they have not been neutered, leading to the owner not having room, time or cannot afford to keep the kittens.

It is at times like this that the ‘Cats protection league’ comes into its. For a start it is best to get your cat neutered to prevent pregnancies which are unwanted and unplanned.

The ‘Cats protection league’ was founded in 1927; the 1920’s were a time when cats were not kept as pets, they were seen more as annoying pests, a nuisance. It became a worry when the ignorance of many of the locals regarded the needs of the domestic cat null and void.

It was in 1928 following a meeting discussing the needs of the domestic cat that the league set out to educate people with regards to looking after the domestic cat correctly. The ‘Cats protection league’ was only ever intended to be a source of education, but it soon became evident that more was needed; this is when rehoming procedures began.

Neutering cats:

Many cats are neutered too late; by the time they have been neutered, they have already had a litter of kittens leaving the owner with the task of finding the kittens new homes or handing them over to the ‘Cats protection league’ which is not ideal.

There are in excess of 235,000 cats and kittens a year helped by this fantastic charity which is run by 260 volunteer branches and 29 adoption centers, not forgetting the rehoming centers.

Your cat should ideally be neutered at around four months or younger, preferably before she hits puberty. Cats begin to go through puberty between four months and eight months, though quite often it is the latter.

Neutering is the only reliable way of reducing the sheer number of cats born in the UK which are unwanted and end up dying from starvations, being badly treated or just become a kitten producing machine.

Your cat for a male will be under anesthetic where there will be an incision made in his scrotum to remove the testes and an incision made in the underside or left side of the female cat to remove the uterus and ovaries. It is a relatively minor surgical operation which will not cause your cat any ill harm, but it is imperative that it is done.

Celebrations have recently been held because the ‘Cats protection league’ has rehomed now rehomed one million cats.

This year the ‘Cats protection league’ enjoyed a celebration by way of burying a time capsule to celebrate raising £50,000 which was needed to home and care for cats in the Leeds area. A new rehoming center is being opened there in the near future.


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