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How to use a fitness tracker

Posted by Admin on :Saturday, 20th of December 2014 12:37:46 AM
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Fitness tracker or activity tracker come under the banner of wearable technology. The latest technology helps to record and monitor fitness activity of a person. To start with fitness tracker can tracking can be used to track the basics like running, distance walking, calorie intake to quality of sleep, posture, intensity, also to get a personalized coach.

Fitness trackers can count steps like a pedometer, can calculate mileage, calculate calorie intake, graph and monitor heart rate and also graph overall physical activity. The next step in fitness tracker is to raise an alarm if there is a medical problem. Activity trackers are available in different version, initially they were clipped to the waist, now they can found in armbands, wristbands, and some can be clipped anywhere.

These electronic monitoring devices with their individual applications are synced with a smart phone or a computer for better data tracking. Activity tracker has also become part of some smart watches. The next generation employers are using disposable activity tracker to measure the fitness of the employees.

In epileptic and elderly people, activity trackers are used to monitor vital signs and sleeping disorders. Most importantly they are used to alert someone in case of a medical problem. Activity trackers are also available for dogs, collar mounted to monitor their activity.

Activity trackers are effective tools for increasing physical fitness and also the ease of sharing the data over social media makes it as a means of identification. As it monitors the activity all the time, the need for the tracker to be waterproof has become mandatory.

The best activity tracker in the market is the one which effortlessly fits into the lifestyle. It should be able to measure steps, distance covered, calories burned, and quality of sleep. The display has to be excellent with back light. Most importantly it should be waterproof, so that a splash of water should not make it a lemon. So the device has to be compatible to swimming and to take shower with it on.  When considering buying an activity tracker the following factors have to be kept in mind. The tracker should be splash resistant, meaning if the device is ok with sweat, splashes or rain.  Water resistant tracker is splash resistant and is ok to shower with it on. Water proof trackers are water resistant and ok to swim with.

Most of the device makers have their own app which helps collect data for monitoring the progress.  Much of the value of any activity tracker comes with data displayed in the app or on the website. Fitbit flex is one of the activity trackers which is water resistant and can survive a laundry wash. It is button less which helps with water resistance. It can be used when in pool for swimming or also for water aerobics activities. Some activity trackers can also be used in scuba diving however it has to be tested against salt water reaction. Most of the trackers do not offer water protection hence it is important to know the water resistant capacity.

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