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Social Media and Bookmarking Use for Success

Posted by Admin on :Wednesday, 7th of January 2015 11:53:43 PM
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Not so long ago, businesses only had to worry about getting information out to their customers through print, radio, or television ads. With the invention and popularity of social media sites these old standbys are going the way of the dodo bird, to extinction. The audience for these older forms of communication is becoming more limited all the time as people hit the web on their computers and portable devices, use streaming media services instead of cable television, download their music from the internet, or read web-based newspapers and use software designed to block the most persistent and obtrusive of ads.

Success in this new world of business means you have to go where your customers are, get them where they hang out the most, and speak the same jargon and lingo they do. With all the options available, it is often difficult to know which social media sites you should be focusing on and how to get your message across on platforms that are inherently different.

Figuring out how to best grab your current and potential customer base by using these rather remarkable social media platforms can mean that millions are aware of your business, products, and services by just keeping up to speed with current trends, putting your best customer service foot forward, and adjusting as you need to along the way. Proper use of the following social media giants can bring you increases in your profit margins you never dreamed possible if you follow some basic usage principles..


This insanely popular social media giant has everyone on it from high school to senior’s home. No matter what your target audience is you will find it here. Facebook allows you to reach not only the people in your community but all over the world. While people come here to primarily socialize and look at ridiculous memes, they often also come here to check out what a company has to offer, see how it conducts itself publically with customer service issues, and learn new information about any discounts, deals, specials, or your latest ad flyer/circular.

Start first with building a great business profile page. Your digital footprint reaches far and wide. Use attractive images, short attention-grabbing phrases, and catchy videos to create a good base for your Facebook presence. Make sure close attention is paid to grammar and spelling and that all statements are appropriate and in line with what you want as your company image. Do to its ability to reach millions, all customer service issues left on your page or through your inbox should be handled as quickly and professionally as possible. This service can make your business but it can be just as quickly thrown in the ditch. Failure to provide excellent customer service on the internet allows disgruntled customers to repost your negative comments and put them on display like dirty laundry.


Twitter presence is just as important as Facebook and the pair can be neatly tied together to create a joined unit which can reach more customers than any TV ad ever dreamed of. This platform only allows postings (Tweets) of 140 characters at a time. Wise word choices that have impact are the way you’re going to want to go with this service. Viewers can then retweet your posts to their own Twitter page or other hashtags (like links to other pages) and spread the word, both good and bad about your company.

As with Facebook, it is important to create a great Twitter business page to advertise your products and services, provide updates to readers, and grow your customer base through the sharing done by Twitter users. As with all social media sites, careful attention to wording and customer service is crucial. Bad PR can travel faster and further than you could ever imagine before the advent of social media

Facebook users can use your hashtags or tags in their status updates updating both their Facebook and Twitter feeds at the same time as creating a buzz about your company Twitter page.


This social media platform puts is all about the pictures. Great advertising through pictures about your products, services, or company employees can be uploaded to this site with a short description. This service can be tied in to both your Facebook and Twitter pages but should also provide a high quality, concise description about your business. Ensure all pictures posted are as amazing as your company and that image descriptions accompany each item. Viewers can share these images by sharing them on facebook or tweeting about them giving you wide coverage.


This service is best used by those businesses which are service based,  are recruiting new hires, or for those looking for employment. Provide as much information on this site as possible and attach any relevant sample documents, ads, or other content you wish to share. LinkedIn also allows you to add your business connections and then provide them with important updates.


Google+ is extra fabulous for those who use other Google services, but is also a good use of business promotion in general. This service also has the ability to be shared through the other social media platforms, provides a place for customers to write reviews, and allows you to create and link to a group of business contacts or customers. As with all social media, be sure your business page is created with attention to detail, uses high quality graphics and videos and promotes your business in its best light.


Remind people to bookmark your webpage and social media pages. This will allow customers to quickly find your pages again for future use. Most web addresses are long and complicated, some businesses have similar names, and search engines often pull up millions of results when a simple search is done. Customers may end up inadvertently or intentionally going to another company’s webpage if they can’t easily find your site.

Use of these social media giants can drive your sales through the roof. The key points to remember when creating and maintaining your social media pages are to make sure all content is professional, relevant and displays high quality customer service. That being said, a lot can happen in a short time on the internet. It is absolutely necessary that someone routinely monitor your entire digital footprint on a consistent basis. This will allow you to alter course should the need arise, deal with customer service issues or questions quickly and efficiently, and display that you are a business who cares about your public reputation. On a final note, if you do not already have a policy in place regarding what your employees are able to say about you, if anything, on the internet you need to address this as soon as possible. The majority of people have a very active presence on all of these sites and they may inadvertently cast you in a negative light should you have no guidelines in place regarding social media and your business.

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