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Things you need to avoid and some tips for successful dating

Posted by Admin on :Saturday, 31st of December 2016 02:22:18 AM
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These days the women have become more independent and dating is not that easy. You need to be well prepared before you go for date and the preparation must be physical as well as mental. You must be aware what you need to do and what you should avoid in order to make your date successful. If your date goes well it may result in courtship and eventually marriage.

Dating in modern times

In modern era the dating process has become quiet complicated and hanging out and hook ups are very common and have replaced the traditional courtship. Sex is not regarded sacred and premarital sex is not a taboo. Few men do like the new direction advantageous as they really do not have to commit and can just go for casual dating. Some men still look for dating advice that can help them find meaningful relationship and a partner with whom they can spend the rest of their life.

If you wish to have a meaningful connection, genuine efforts are required from your end. The results of the efforts that are put in the date can go a long way in building a successful relationship that is rewarding.


The things you need to avoid for successful dating

It is advisable not to follow these tips as they will repel the women whom you really like and are looking for a long term commitment and relationship:

Things to avoid for successful dating

  • Focusing only on your job or busy on phone all the time and not making dating your priority.
  • Misrepresenting your image in social media profile such as putting false information about your height, age, interests and appearance.
  • Avoiding the women who are not in your desired age range.
  • You get overly caught up in the appearance and measurements of women.
  • Sending cheesy pick-up lines, one size fits all messages or boring messages to women.
  • Sending text messages or emails for several weeks instead of speaking on phone or asking the girl out.
  • Telling her what you feel she wants to listen and not meaning what you speak.
  • In case you take advantage of woman’s money, sex, generosity and fragile state.
  • Lying to a woman that she is your exclusive date even though you are dating other women.
  • By trying too hard to impress the woman and give her the feeling of desperation.
  • Focusing too much on sex and rushing or pressurizing the woman to have sex.
  • Dating women who may be drama queens, selfish, too critical/hypersensitive or who take advantage of you.

The tips for successful date

The following tips can be followed by you so that you can enjoy more dates and develop meaningful relationships and connections.

Portray yourself true

It is important that you present your true self online as well as in person. Women like men who portray themselves accurately. You must be honest about superficial things such as height, appearance, age interests etc. as trust is necessary for any successful relationship.

You must communicate openly about your beliefs, how your nature is, your views on love and life in general. Your date must have an idea who you truly are before meeting you so that she can make an honest choice if you in real are right for her.

You may need to treat your date like a complete gentleman. You must date responsibly and also take care of your appearance and hygiene. You may need to be well mannered, courteous, polite and respectful in your words, actions and behavior.

Take time to know about her likings, her nature, the values that she stands up to and viewpoint about life and your relationship. Also share your thoughts and your viewpoints with her. Do not rush into having sex, take time and get to know each other and spend quality time with each other. Let everything happen naturally and spontaneously at a sweet pace.

Be honest to your date

Do not make false promises to meet the person or call them if you do not intend to meet them. False promises and empty words create false hopes and are very hurtful. It’s better to be honest in this situation. You may tell them that you loved spending the time with them however did not feel a romantic connection. You can also wish them luck for their future.

Ask women out for date first

Ask women for date first

Women like men making the first moves romantically so if you are interested in a woman you can ask her out. You can contact her based on the information you find on her dating profile. You can talk to her about common interests, ask her about something that is different about her or complement her for something that you really liked in her profile.

Do not use sexist remarks and avoid using any vulgar or profane language. A woman may not respond positively if you send her creepy messages.

Focus on her nature rather than appearance

Focus on her nature rather than appearance

Be thoughtful

You should be considerate and care for the feelings of the woman you are dating. A woman must feel that you care for her and want to keep in touch with her. If you do not call or contact women between dates a void develops in your relationship. Women love it when men think of them between the times they meet each other. You can call her up or send a text message letting her know that you miss her. These little things really matter a lot to women and can make a huge difference.

Be thoughtful

Have Patience

You must be patient while dating as short term urges may impact long term happiness. If you rush things the chances of dating to turn into a long term relationship with a wonderful woman are sabotaged. You can approach dating as a journey to find a meaningful and long term connection.

Have Patience





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