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Top Notch Gadgets for London Spare Room for Rent

Posted by Admin on :Thursday, 5th of January 2017 11:28:47 PM
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Making life comfortable in an apartment starts with little things such as room arrangement and having a beautiful home decoration, but that is not all. A room with some top dollar gadgets will also create an impact that will make you long for home after work each day. You may not have the money to buy these devices now, but if you have the hunger for them, you will likely enter the next raffle draw to try your luck. Among some top valued gadgets you may want to keep in your spare room London include the following:

A Touch Screen TV:

A Touch Screen TV

If you have enjoyed, at some point in your life, the great ease provided by the touch screen android tablets, you will be in want of a similar thing fortelevision. The truth is that touch screen TVs exist, but they are not very popular because of their costs. Touch-screen TVs will work like your Android phones so you have a wider option of highlighting the things you would love to see more. They are a great addition for your spare room and will certainly command more respect when added. Because of their excellent functionality, many electronics company are now into their production.

Logitech Harmony 650 :

Logitech Harmony 650

This item may not be among the most expensive tech gadgets, but its value makes it appear to be so. It is a universal remote control which you can use as a backup for your devices. There could be some reasons why you may want to consider Logitech Harmony universal remote control before others. The first is that it is more compatible with several smart gadgets than others in its category. Unlike most others, Logitech Harmony 650 will also manage up to eight devices at once, so there is no need to fiddle with different remote controls. It has a simple design that will most likely make you underrate its performance until you try it.

Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb:

If you like switching onand off your light bulbs, and sometimes you wish to turn on and off within seconds while you are still in bed, then this Bluetooth bulb will be extremely helpful. The Bluetooth Smart LED light bulb is controllable with a mobile device that also has a Bluetooth feature.  The gadget has gained several positive reviews in particular among the physically challenged and older adults who need an easier way of controlling light bulbs in their rooms. They are real energy savers and will incur less cost on owners of spare room London properties.

Organic LED Lights:

Organic LED Lights

Organic LED light is something every spare room London owner would purchase if they cost some hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, the nine-thousand-dollar item may only be available to just a few because of its high cost. Nevertheless, one may wish to make a life term savings for it mainly because it can save up to half the same energy other light bulbs consume. If used for several years, you will be breaking even or making profits by saving on electricity bills.

Skybar Wine Preservation and Serving System:

Skybar Wine Preservation and Serving System

If your visitor loves to drink wine, then having this wine preservation system in your spare room will make him or her more comfortable. The wine preserver chills up to three different kinds of drinks so that they can remain fresh and servable for more than a week. The Skybar wine preservation equipment costs around $1000.

Blendtec Stealth Blender:

Blendtec Stealth Blender

Moving into a spare room with the Blendtec Stealth blender will make more meaning if you love preparing your meals by yourself. It has more advanced features such as noise reduction, a 15-amp motor, and a touch-screen control mechanism. Using the blender saves time as it can grind much faster and turns large items into their tiniest form with its incredible six-cycle engine.

The Prizm:

The Prizm

You can call this one a music robot. Owners of the Prizm need not bother about song selection or getting a DJ to choose the right songs for them anytime. It can search your favorite stations for programs you would love to hear.

The Hammacher Juicer:

The Hammacher Juicer

The Hammacher Juicer may not be very cheap to many people but knowing what it can offer is enough for them to struggle for it despite its high cost. It is an average size fruit mixer but can work as an industrial machine to your amazement, squeezing up to 30 oranges or fruits of the same size every minute. Homeowners expecting a lot of visitors may have to get this for their entertainment. This item is widely used in restaurants too.

Folding Beds:

Folding Beds

Having a folding bed in a spare room London home is also beneficial because it can save up much space. Assuming you are going to be in an extra room for a short time and you know there is no bed available there, carrying a folding bed is more convenient and may be more cost effective than buying one on arrival. Folding beds minimize space consumption, and because they are cheap, homeowners can use it to derive more profits for their spare rooms.

The Pattern Door Lock:

The Pattern Door

You can have a higher level of privacy in your spare room by fixing a pattern door lock to your door. It is more beneficial than some other security locks because it does not display passwords. Unlike password locks which reveal codes that may be stolen from observers around, the pattern door lock is much harder to decipher. You are more at peace with yourself even when you keep some huge amount of money on your bed.


Moving into a spare room London apartment does not mean you should lose your comfort.There are times when this is necessary such as when you have to attend a business function or visit an old friend in a town close to your chosen accommodation. Take the trip and travel around the world. Life is short and the places you go today will be the story you shall tell the generations yet unborn.












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